Rule Book

◆What is Marionette?

Marionette is a game where you build an AI to battle.

◆How it works

4 vs 4 batlle game in which "Latency", unique to each Character, decides whose turn it is.

When two Characters have the same Latency, they move simultaneously.

◆How to win

Defeat the Enemy King, or defeat six Enemies total.

◆Types of Characters

◆Types of Behavior

There are five types of Behaviors for any Character:


Does not move. It will recover "Stamina", one of the most important factors in this game, by 2.

*Approach, Escape from

Recovers Stamina by 1.


Proceed to the Target and, if within 1 block, attacks. Consumes 1 Stamina.

Special Skills

Approaches the Target and uses a skill unique to each Character. Consumes 1 Stamina.


With any Behavior, you will only be able to move up to 2 blocks.

◆Special Skills

*King: Attack L

Attacks a Target within 3 blocks. Damage given is 10 less then the ATK.

*Queen: Heal

Heals the HP of a Target within 2 blocks by 50. You cannot Heal the King.

*Knight: Power Charge

Doubles the damage given by a Target within 1 block for the next attack.

It will last for as many times as it is cast.

*Bishop: Attack L

Same as King.

*Pawn: Defence Charge

Halves the next damge taken.

*Rook: Attack XL

Attacks a Target within 5 blocks. Gives 13-point damage.


◆Stamina (important)

When the Stamina goes down to 1, all of "ATK, Heal power, moving range, updated Latency" will be halved.

Try to use "Standby" to recover Stamina before it reaches 1.

◆Building AI (very important)

All Characters move according to the Build.

This game is all about building AI, so once you understand this part, you will be playing in full.

Behavior of the Characters will be decided in Plan. All Characters use the "Original Plan" at first.

You may also use other Plans depending on the situation.

◆Plan Settings

In a Plan, you will choose the Target, Behavior, and Priority. The upper rows have higher priority.

In the picture above for example, if there are Enemies close by, it will Attack them;

if not, it will try to recover an Ally or move to the Red site.

◆Plan Transition Settings

In here, you will choose when and where you want to change your plan to. When the conditions match, it will transition to the specified Plan.

Characters will first look at the Transition Settings before choosing the Behavior within a Plan.